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NJ.comEarlier on Tuesday, Antrel Rolle said on his WFAN appearance that Dolphins lineman Jonathan Martin “is as much to blame as Richie (Incognito)” because the younger offensive lineman allowed himself to be bullied. Nancy Erika Smith, one of the state’s top employment attorneys, was outraged to hear Rolle’s remarks. “He should be disciplined by the Giants for that. What is he saying to anybody being bullied, to anybody who’s the victim of racism or discrimination on the Giants? ‘We’re going to blame the victim.’ What did (Martin) do wrong?” Smith said Rolle’s comments about being “a man” and “not a little boy” represent “everything that’s wrong with football. This macho, violent, blame the victim … it’s disgusting.”

“Was Richie Incognito wrong? Absolutely,” Rolle said when asked how he would handle the situation if a teammate tried to shake him down for $15,000 under the disguise of hazing. “But I think the other guy (Martin) is as much to blame as Richie because he has allowed it to happen. At this level, you’re a man. You’re not a little boy. You’re not a freshman in college. You’re a man. I think everything has its limits. There’s no way another man is gong to make me pay for something that I don’t want to pay for. (Martin needs to) take awareness of the fact you’re a grown-ass man. You need to stand up for yourself. Hazing is one thing; bullying is another.”

What the hell is happening to this great country I once lived in! I remember a thing called freedom of speech bitch! Also, how big of a pussy is Jonathan Martin. Last I checked your a man over 6 feet tall that can bench a house, grow some balls. Everyone is attacking Richie Incognito about being a bully. Last I checked America was built on the bully system. I was bullied from 2nd grade until 9th by Josh and Jim. I probably paid over $1000 bucks to them in lunch money. You know what I did, I hit puberty, lifted, bought a pair of Doc Martins and told them to F off before I knock there blocks off. I am a better man today for going through that learning experience.

American Hero

At first I hated Richie Incognito but now I think I love him. I respect a man with fine taste in tribal tattoo’s. He is just a guy with anger issues trying to get by, T Dirt I am sure you can relate. He is being painted as the bad guy because his coaches asked him to toughen up that fat pussy Jonathan Martin. Who the hell just packs up and leaves the team because no one would sit with him at lunch?

Look, 90% of us have to deal with bullying at some point in our life. 80% stick up for ourselves and put an end to it. 10% quite life and run to a dark room with their tail tucked between there legs. Mr. Martin, you are in that 10%, the pussy percent. So I hope you never play a down of football again in your life and take up knitting and drinking tea (tea is actually awesome).

P.S. I hope the Lions trade for Incognito, I want to see him try and bully Suh.

-Big Pear

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